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HomeAbout Sugar is an educational website developed to help parents better understand growing up milk powders. It aims to educate mothers on how to read the labels on growing up milk powders, the different added sugars ingredients, added sugars intake recommendations and tips for reducing added sugars intakes in growing children. It also provides a simple tool to help mothers estimate the added sugars levels in growing up milk powders in Malaysia.

Foods which contain only natural sugars, like the natural sugar in fruits and milk, are regarded as beneficial and healthy in our diet.

It is the excessive added sugars in some foods including many growing up milk powders that are considered unhealthy. Studies show the excessive intake of added sugars is a potential source of excess calories, which can contribute to the development of obesity and chronic disease such as diabetes, CHO and dental caries – even in young children.

Importance of growing up milk powder

  • Growing children have special nutritional requirements to help ensure optimal growth and development.
  • Insufficient intake of important nutrients (eg. calcium, protein, zinc, iron, iodine, vitamin A, etc.) can have adverse effects on growth and development.
  • Hence, growing up milk has been formulated to meet the nutritional needs of growing children from 1 year and above.
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