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youtube twitch and fb - Best 3 Live Streaming Sites

Best 3 Live Streaming Sites

Live streaming has become one of the most popular activities recently. It is defined as broadcasting yourself doing certain things onto the internet through various platforms that support live streaming. The reason why it has gained a lot of popularity is because it provides two things that are unique to live streaming itself: fan interaction and freely themed content. This provides the creators a sense of freedom to entertain their fans as they are able to stream their content while responding to their fans. Because of that, it gave birth to one of the most sensational trends that is famous around the world, virtual youtubers. With the rise of virtual youtubers, or vtubers, live streaming has become a more important aspect of entertainment on the internet as more vtubers are debuting everyday that it is hard to keep track of all of them. That said, which live streaming platforms that internet users can visit to find live streaming content?

Twitch is the one of the most popular live streaming platforms in the world as it is known for streaming video game-related content. Instead of “giving birth” to celebrities, Twitch acts as a platform that allows content creators to communicate with their fans during their off days. It also supports some of the biggest events such as The Game Awards, Extra Life charity events, multiple esports tournaments and many more. 

Facebook is one of the best social media companies malaysia smartphone users will be familiar with as they rely on Facebook to communicate with each other and post keep up-to-date with their family and friends. Other than the wide variety of features that Facebook provides, users are also able to form community group pages which allows other Facebook users who share similar interests to socialize with each other. Additionally, Facebook allows their users to play mobile games such as Candy Crush, Merge Number 2048 and Kaiju. In 2018, they created their own streaming application called Facebook Gaming to compete against other live streaming platforms. This allows more accessibility to users as they are able to generate their own content.

Next on the list is Youtube, and yes, everyone knows that Youtube is the biggest platform to find content. However as live streams became more popular, they added a feature that allows Youtubers to stream their content on their channel with their own twist. This puts them head-to-head against Twitch as they offer their own unique system. Instead of setting up their own donation effects, Youtube has their own default system where it announces a certain amount of money is donated to the content creator which is known as “superchat”. This allows viewers to make their messages noticed much easily by being highlighted in the chat.

Overall, live streaming is becoming a common activity on the internet as users are able to freely stream any type of content they wish to stream. Because there is no limit to how much a viewer can donate, a live streamer can potentially generate as much revenue as working a full time job.

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