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Best places to live in Johor

This article mainly reveals the best places to live in the state of Johor. Before we touch on the highlights of the article, I would like to brief you all in general about the state of Johor. When people mention the state of Johor, most people will mention classical heritage buildings and the grand palaces that belong to the royal members of the state of Johor. The state capital, Johor Bahru. The 4th largest city in Malaysia sits at the southern tip of the state, near Singapore but divided by the strait of Johor. Due to the location of the state capital, the city also acts as a border city with Singapore; creating the world’s busiest border crossing with the mark of 35k travelers daily. Despite being the busiest border town in Malaysia, the city is regarded as the best place to live in Johor. Besides that, numerous places are considered as the best places to live in the state. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top five best places to live in the state of Johor Bahru. 

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  1. Muar

Muar is associated with several things, but the three most frequent are cuisine, coffee, and historical landmarks. Tourists rush to Johor’s proud old city to explore the museums, galleries, and other historical sites. Kubu Bentayan, for example, was the final citadel to which the last Malacca Sultanate, Sultan Mahmud Shah, withdrew before it surrendered to the Portuguese during the 15th century. Local delicacies such as otak-otak, prawn noodles, and many more are also popular among foodies throughout Peninsular Malaysia. Muar, as a whole, is a mature neighbourhood with a quaint, laid-back vibe.

  1. Masai 

Masai is Johor Bahru’s oldest township (JB). While it may not appear to be a tourist destination, Masai offers a variety of activities. If you enjoy nature, you should visit Kong Kong Fishing Village and Taman Pertanian Johor. You can fish, hire a boat, and sample fresh seafood in the fishing town. In addition, you may take a topical fruit orchard tour in Taman Pertanian Johor. Other activities include camping, trekking, fishing, and kayaking. You can also pedal because they have a bike rental service.

  1. Medini

While still under construction, Medini City is being billed as Iskandar Puteri’s Central Business District (CBD) and Malaysia’s largest single urban development. It has also won green and smart city awards for its ecologically friendly and long-lasting components. Overall, Medini City provides a promising setting for young professionals to advance their careers. The city is also close to EduCity, a multi-campus education city with 305 acres of universities, higher education institutions, R&D centres, and a state-of-the-art sports facility. Since it is a newly developed business area, there are also corporate office towers in Medini Johor

  1. Skudai

Families can look to Iskandar Puteri as a whole, with Skudai being one of Johor’s most well-established family suburbs. The region is sufficiently equipped with all the facilities a family would require as a complete municipality that is mostly family-oriented. In terms of shopping centres, Paradigm Mall is the most popular option, while the neighbourhood is also densely populated with other malls. Skudai Parade, AEON Taman Universiti, Tasek Sentral, Sutera Mall, and U Mall are among them. Skudai has tertiary education options, including Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and the private Southern University College.

  1. Johor Bahru

It also topped the list of the most-searched places among Malaysian homebuyers in 2020. Despite the fact that JB is an appealing residential option for those who work in Singapore, the residential property market in this area has remained subdued in 2020 as a result of border closure and lowered purchasing sentiment. The upcoming RTS, on the other hand, is expected to boost the property market in Johor. The project, which is set to be completed in 2024, will bring about many significant changes, as enhanced connection with Singapore would help boost property investment by foreigners eager to capitalise on Singapore’s powerful economy and status as a worldwide financial centre. The terrace house is the most favoured property type among 2020 JB purchasers, followed by apartments.


Johor is very underrated when it comes to the number of tourists visiting the state attractions, except for travellers crossing into Singapore. The environment is by far the best as Johor has to offer for all people who are seeking an affordable cost of living and better pace of life compared to the capital city.  

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