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Factors That Influence The Market Value Of A Property

Market Value of Properties

Are you planning to buy a property in Kuala Lumpur? Well without a doubt there’s so many properties to choose from in the capital city of Malaysia and some of the best options are in Klang, Bangsar and KLCC. So, if you’re still undecided where to settle in this part of the globe, you might first want to assess your funds. 

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You see, each property, comes with a different market value. I’m pretty sure you are looking for something nice but still in a budget. So, what exactly are the factors that can influence the market value of a property? Knowing this will enable you to wisely choose the type of property that can fit your budget while at the same time, can still consider your bucket list. 


I think everyone will agree that location is one of the most relevant key points. Yes, a property’s market value can greatly change because of the location, no matter if both properties are exactly the same. In fact, if you sell your home, you will also experience the same thing. A home from the mountain is surely cheaper than an exactly the same home in the urban area. 

Previous market value

If the property has been sold for a number of times already, most of the time, its market value is related to its previous prices, though, there will be changes based on the current market value of properties as well as the additions if there are any. 

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The neighbourhood will also matter a lot considering that if the environment is more pleasant, it will easily attract buyers. 

There are still so many factors that can affect the market value of a property. It is better if you just talk to a real estate agent or do some little digging before buying one. 

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