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Finding Your Career Path In Engineering

If you are young and still assessing what the future might hold for you, you are not alone. Many people, young and old, are uncertain about their place in the future and what it holds for them. As a student who is probably in high school or college, it is important to take your time to assess what you want to do and how you will get there. You do not have to have a solid plan in place, but having a vague idea can be the first step to clearing what path you want to take. When you are a science student, most of the time you are driven to a specific and limited category of job opportunities, even though sciences offer a large variety. Medicine is not the only field to consider. Engineering is a growing field that is advancing with the ages.

What Do You Enjoy Doing?

What you enjoy can help lay out the plan for you. The sciences are a vastly interesting field and with every year there is something newer, bigger and better to showcase to the world, whether it is a new invention or the discovery of a new organism. Consider what gets you excited. Do you like aeroplanes, trucks or buildings? Does the idea of a frame structure maker for semiconductor industries in Malaysia appeal to you? Finding out what you like is a good way to narrow down your options. It is not the only factor that is important, but it helps narrow the scope of engineering you might find appealing. Most importantly, are you willing to work at it? We may be good at something, however, if the passion is absent, it will become a burden instead of a career achievement.

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What Are You Good At?

The second question is about skill and knowledge. What you are actually good at is telling of the industries that will look at your CV and accept you, or how you will perform in your class tests and exams. As mentioned previously, engineering is large and wide, however there are fundamentals that are required such as knowledge in maths and physics. Some who enjoy chemistry may go on to become chemical engineers or hydro engineers. Know the subjects you have to do, and work accordingly to get the right grades. While the title ‘engineer’ is glamorous, that should not be the only motivating factor. Be honest with yourself enough to make informed decisions about your career path and the options available to you.

Is The Option Available To You?

Are there places that are offering what you want to do? If you want to try aerospace engineering, are there employment options available in the area? As much as a good dose of optimism is good, some pragmatism can save you the disappointment of not having any work to do, though you have the degree. Practicality is a good characteristic to have.

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