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Time fibre home broadband Malaysia

Look For The Smartest Net Solutions With Time Broadband Malaysia

The quality of the internet connection depends on several factors which we can divide into own factors and generic factors.

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The factors of an internet connection, you all know them are downloads, uploads, ping etc. But which of these affect your connection the most?

Packet Loss

The lost packets. In short, every digital communication is nothing more than the sending (and returning) of information packets. Packet Loss indicates the loss of these packets, that is, the failure to reach the destination. Optimally it is 0%.


Latency. It is nothing more than the time measure in milliseconds that it takes one (or more packets – ICMP) to reach the destination, the server, and come back. Ping to play online (the most demanding games, so FPS like Call of Duty or Battlefield ) decently hovers around 40ms. Optimal pings of less than 25 milliseconds . Many in Italy are still around 100-120 ms of ping, some exceed 200 up to 300ms. There is a fundamental parameter to avoid lag phenomena.


Line stability. Statistically, it takes into account the variation of the characteristics of a connection (amplitude, phase, frequency, etc.). It can depend on the systems and crowding. The optimal jitter is 0. In fact, the connections of most users are around values ​​like 6-8 (calculated on the ms variation of ping) but you can still play well. Above 25-30: The connection is unstable and good for gaming.


More than the download (data download process), of vital importance is the upload (data upload). All broadband connection downloads are sufficient nowadays to play online as long as the other parameters are optimal. The upload is still too low. Those who have a higher upload are at an advantage as they are able to more effectively conclude the sending of data to the server.

Generic Factors Are :

Technology And Distance From The Control Panel

If you have Time fibre home broadband Malaysia it is certainly better than normal broadband. The distance from the control panel or cabinet, the closer you are, the better your connection will be. Moreover, we often rely on companies that exploit the infrastructures, completely or in part, of Telecom Italia. We are talking about “wholesale” technology. In this case, if you want to have a good connection, stay or join Telecom (even if it tends to be more expensive).

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