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Mothers During The Pandemic

Becoming a mom during the pandemic was probably not the most anticipated thing during this year. The pandemic has affected many aspects of the motherhood journey. From childbirth to postpartum care, it is no longer the same because of coronavirus.

When the world was announced to go into a global pandemic, many mothers took it as an opportunity to bond with their babies and toddlers. Many expectant mothers got the time to enjoy the intense relationship of becoming a mother from the comfort of their home. Nevertheless, this is not to say it was easy during the pandemic. The stressful experience of giving birth was now aggravated as a result of the global outbreak. Many mothers experienced an overwhelming amount of anxiety, few cases of FOMO (fear of missing out), severe depression, and even more post-traumatic syndrome. Their anxiety elevated as they concerned themselves with the health of their baby and themselves during a dangerous outbreak. 

It was not only the pandemic deaths and severity that increased the anxiety and loneliness of mothers. It was also the constant fatigue of being in lockdown and isolated from the rest of the world. Motherhood requires support and love like no other journey. Many mothers in lockdown were distraught as they had to experience their journey of becoming a mom all alone. Some of them even without their spouses. It was heartbreaking to think about giving birth all alone without the support of your family. 

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Becoming a mom was not smooth sailing in both our bodies and even mental health. The psychological well-being of an expectant mother certainly took a toll as a result of the pandemic. The fear of childbirth combined with the fear of contracting a covid 19 infection at a hospital or even in the safety of our home. Many pregnant women were diagnosed with anxiety disorders during the past year. It was not only the mothers but also the expectant fathers. 

Every world life disaster is met with long-lasting impacts on both the mother and the baby. Think about the babies that were born during hurricane Katrina and even 9/11. Both of these disasters resulted in unprecedented impacts on the health of the mother and the child. Similarly, covid 19 pandemics is a large crisis that exhibits similar symptoms among mother and child as a result of prenatal stress. The changes in the habits of mothers and their health have a grave impact on the child. 

Covid 19 stress among moms is no joke. We may have access to the latest best breastfeeding cream and other mother care products but it did not make up for the lack of societal contact and the forced quarantined form mothers had to bear. We do not only have to think about the health of the mother during pregnancy but after pregnancy as well. The postpartum care was at an all-time low and the depression rate among new mothers increased during the pandemic. 

There are so many preventions and cures available for such turnouts of covid 19 stress of mothers. Behavioral therapy and talking go a long when it comes to helping mothers. Social contact is after all a big part of our mental health. 

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