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Open New Account for Online Banking Malaysia

The digital world’s presence became widespread and worldwide coloration. The financial industry cannot be denied. One of them is the convenience of Open New Account for Online Banking Malaysia.

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Definition of Online Banking

Online or Internet banking is a service for conducting banking transactions through the internet network. Is a banking activity that utilizes internet technology as a medium for conducting transactions and obtaining other information through the bank’s website. This activity uses the internet network as an intermediary or liaison between the customer and the bank without having to go to the bank office. Customers can use desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones that are connected to the internet network as a liaison between the customer’s device and the bank system.

Online Banking Feature

Internet banking service features include general information on savings/current accounts, deposit accounts, account mutation information, fund transfers, both transfers between accounts and between banks, purchase of credit, information services such as interest rates and exchange rates, and payments, such as telephone payments, internet , cable TV, electricity and various other types of payments.

Procedure of Using Online Banking

To use internet banking, customers must have a user id, password, token or One Time Password (OTP), and an internet network. User id, password, and token can be obtained by registering with the bank. When using internet banking, the customer must ensure that the website accessed is the bank’s internet banking website, then the customer will be asked to enter a user id and password on the home page or login. When conducting financial transactions, customers will be asked to enter the OTP obtained from the token. After the transaction is complete, the customer must ensure that he/she has logged out from the internet banking page. The bank sends a notification via email as proof that the transaction has been successful.

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How to Open New Account for Online Banking Malaysia

In general, each bank’s processes or procedures are unique. But, for the most part, they are the same. Among them are:

  • Install and launch the banking application.
  • Choose a menu
  • Create a new account.
  • Choose the savings product you wish to use.
  • When prompted to transmit SMS verification of a mobile phone number, choose Send.
  • Make an Access Code and then click Continue.
  • Complete the necessary paperwork.
  • Personal information must be complete.
  • Choose the type of ATM card you wish to use.
  • Fill in the email address and choose the branch office the consumer wishes to be registered at.
  • Examine and confirm the information that has been entered.
  • Make a video call to verify the data.
  • Activate your mobile banking.
  • Make a PIN for activating mobile and online banking.
  • If the account is already operational, make an initial deposit right away so that you may transact.


Finally, by creating an account online, prospective clients avoid having to visit the branch office. Customers, in general, do longer require a passbook because every transaction is logged online. Customers may find it convenient to do financial transactions through the internet rather than visiting the bank. Viewing balances, transferring funds to an account, and paying bills are all examples of banking activity that may be done anywhere and at any time.

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