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Silent Check Valve Malaysia

Things You Should Know About Silent Check Valve Malaysia

Silent check valve Malaysia, called as non slam check valves, is commonly used in piping systems. Therefore, in today’s article, we are going to talk about the silent check valve Malaysia, the purpose of why its being utilized and also its functionality as well. This topic for today is definitely going to mind boggling.

Overview Of Silent Check Valve.

This silent check valve Malaysia is used in a variety of industries. The silent check valve is able to function with liquids, water, gas and oil, which makes it the best application to be used in order to prevent any type of surge, vibration, flow reversal or even water hammer which is commonly associated with water. 

What Is The Purpose Of Silent Check Valves?

Basically this silent check valve Malaysia can be used for wastewater treatment and also for water supply chain, as mentioned above, the silent check valve Malaysia is suitable for any type of materials and it can be used widely throughout the piping systems. 

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The Functionality Of Silent Check Valve

The silent check valve Malaysia is able to withstand pressures that it may receive through internally by the piping system or due to external force like water hammers. Therefore, in order to know well and precisely of the functionality of this silent check valve Malaysia, do read till end!

  • The silent check valve Malaysia uses a spring to assist its poppet in closing the check valve before the fluid flow reversal occurs. 
  • The silent check valve Malaysia also has the ability to eliminate the hydraulic shock which is known as water hammer, mostly associated with the use of water.

Water Hammer?

Water hammer is commonly referred to as high water pressure shock or waves that happens when the flow of the fluid has been abruptly stopped. This can be sometimes due to the valve disc quickly closing, or else due to the pump shutting down. During the occurrence of water hammer, the resulting flow reversal causes an extreme pressure on the piping systems, which has the ability to compromise the whole structural integrity by exposing the chance of opening it to potential harm like damage or rupture. 

Other Valves That Contributes To Water Hammer Problems

These are the list of valves which can be found in the market, that contributes to water hammer problems, if its possible try to avoid using these type of water hammer problems for industrial purposes, as it can cause a lot of loss.

  • Swing check Valves
  • Double door check valves
  • Tilting disc check valves and others.


The silent check valve Malaysia is suitable to be used for commercial and industrial uses. And these silent check valve Malaysia is ideal to be utilized for vertical and horizontal application for liquid, steam and gas elements.

Here are some list of industries that still make use of the silent check valve Malaysia:

  • Textile
  • Energy
  • Chemical processing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Government
  • Water treatment
  • Building and maintenance
  • Primary metals
  • Housing areas like home
  • Mining
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