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Top 3 Best Horror Films to Watch

Horror films are one of the best ways to get a thrill or an adrenaline rush by being scared and suspended when watching a good horror film. Although most people do not really like to watch horror films, there is still a dedicated and loyal audience that continue to watch and consume horror films and other mediums of horror entertainment. There have been many horror films that have been produced and released in theatres and online streaming services. Many of these movies and films are mediocre to bad horror movies that are filled with cheap jumpscares or sometimes, not even being scary at all. This is why this article is here to show you the three best horror films to watch during your free time, or even when you are taking a break from working on a MLM software Malaysia quote due to working in an MLM company.

When choosing a horror film to watch, you would want to choose a good horror movie to watch. This is because the best horror movies will always leave you scared and suspenseful of the characters and also how to plot moves in the films. We will begin to list down the three best horror films to watch below.

  1. Alien

One of the best science fiction films ever made just happens to be among the best horror films ever made. Doesn’t seem to be fair, does it? As innocently as any group of hormonal teens heading out to a remote lodge in the mountains, Ridley Scott’s original Alien sends the crew of the Nostromo to solve a distress signal from a lost alien spacecraft. And, like those teens, only a small percentage of them would live to tell the storey. Sigourney Weaver plays the ultimate last heroine in this show.

2. The Exorcist

It would be almost expected that William Friedkin’s masterwork, now in its 40s, manages to hover at the top of so many horror films. However, once you see The Exorcist, you’ll understand why. This is the storey of Regan, the daughter of a famous movie actress who, one day in the basement, engages herself by playing with a ouija board. If you’ve ever questioned why your parents won’t let you play with this apparently innocent gadget, it’s possibly because of a young Linda Blair. An unexpected visitor takes residence in the little girl through the ouija board, and the rest, when the titular exorcist arrives, is film history.

3. The Shining

Even if you’ve never seen Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece, The Shining, you would be familiar with it. You’re probably familiar with Jack Nicholson’s (apparently improvised) “Heeeeeeere’s Johnny,” and you’re probably mindful if you’re given the keys to room 237 in a hotel, you should probably trade it for another suite. However, what if you haven’t? What if you were stuck in a strange hotel with nothing but hedge animals to hold you company? The Shining, on the other hand, tracks a man and his family as they take on the role of winter caretaker at The Overlook, a resort hotel. Provided that this is a Stephen King adaptation (albeit one that he despises so much he made his own film), the winter months are not perfect.

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