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Ways To Differentiate Your Brand

In the present epoch where many brands are striving to reach their heyday, it is of paramount significance for them to come out as easily distinguishable; otherwise, it may be tough to be noticeable amongst the rest. As a matter of fact, a company must apprehend its brand fairly well to enhance its attributes to an extent that differs from that of its competitors. To put this into perspective, taking fast-food restaurants as an instance, Pizza Hut and Domino’s of whose cash cows are pizzas hold their own differences in which are perceptible to the public: their color scheme, menu, services, etcetera. Though, they have gained their own supporters respectively over time. This article aims to guide companies down the path of modern-day marketing by emphasizing uniqueness. 

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Understand Your Competitors 

Though competitors are stereotyped as untouchable, it is essential that entrepreneurs make head or tail of their competitors’ footsteps to get clearer perspectives on what to attempt next and what not to. Presuming you are an F&B company aspiring to penetrate into the spectrum of fine dining, carry out thorough research with regards to a few of your competitors who are on the same track, a few of which are Horizon Grill, Bijan Bar & Restaurant, Hanare Japanese Restaurant. Some elements you may want to take into account are their 4ps (place, price, product, and promotion) and attempt to not overlap yours with that of theirs. Suppose they are known across the community for serving the best sea bass dish in Kuala Lumpur, you may want to shift your focus onto some other dishes to avoid the risk unless you hold high confidence in your kitchen squad to surpass theirs. Otherwise, undertake the blue ocean strategy by thoroughly developing and enhancing a product till it becomes recognizable as your signature. 

Enhance Your Product & Services 

You do not necessarily need to come up with a newer range of products or services every fixed interval; not only does it interfere with your strategies and tactics as a whole, but it also brings no benefit in shaping your brand’s uniqueness. Rather than taking that attempt, you may want to put your sole focus on your current product or services, adding new attributes to align with recency. Perhaps every once in a while, you can devise something new apart from your current ones, but do not waste so much time and effort on it. Taking McDonald’s as an instance, their latest menu is always an improvised version of their standard ones, making it easy for them to launch and withdraw when the time is up. By way of example, their caramel brownie mcflurry is in fact improvised from their standard mcflurry flavors (strawberry and oreo); rather than coming up with a new soft-serve menu with entirely different traits, they play around with the flavors and incorporate new toppings. In short, that is the key to remain to be unique yet, the autonomy to switch up things. 

Bottom Line

Branding is an important endeavor all companies should put their head in the game with, and branding agency Malaysia holds the utmost qualification in assisting you out in this very subject matter.

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