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Benefits of Nursing Pillows

Nursing pillows help to protect your back, neck, and shoulders. During the first several months, your baby will eat often – sometimes up to ten times each day – and each feed may last up to an hour. You’ll be seated for the most of the day, feeding a baby, so make yourself at home. The last thing you want as a new mom is to have to go to the chiropractor because you hurt your back while breastfeeding — believe me, you’ll have plenty to worry about! A cushion keeps the baby at the proper height for your breasts, preventing your shoulders from doing the effort for you. Your back is supported, and you may rest your shoulders and neck.

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Nursing pillows aren’t only for nursing mothers; they may also be used by bottle-fed newborns. Nursing a bottle-fed infant, in fact, may be much more hard on your back and shoulders, so investing in a cushion is a terrific way to guarantee your posture survives!

Are you recovering after a C-section? A breastfeeding cushion is your greatest buddy since it creates a barrier between your baby and your abdomen.

Nursing pillows may help with latching. Nursing pillows raise your baby to the proper feeding height, which may help with latching.

Nursing pillows aren’t only for nursing anymore! You may use them for tummy time (with supervision) as well as to support your baby up as she grows (this was their original function!).


Firm, but not overbearing You want it to “mould” to the contour of your body (much as your normal pillow does to your head), but it also needs to be firm enough to support your baby’s weight.

Made from non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials.

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It has a detachable and machine-washable cover. Buy a backup cover if you can — believe us, it’ll come in useful!

It is easy to find pillow support for breastfeeding mothers Malaysia as they come in various different designs that are comfortable for you and your baby.
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