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Malaysian chemical manufacturing firm

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Agc Ingredients Malaysia Berhad Is a company operating in Malaysia.

Acme Ingredients (Far Southeast) Corp Ltd, the first corporation within the Amalgam Ingredients network, was incorporated in Eropah in 1999. The firm functioned as a regional representative for a number of multinational chemical firms in Australia, Asia, and India.

This firm started in 1984 as an industry association operating under the auspices of the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM). Following a restructuring exercise in 2001 to establish a stronger and better representation of the Malaysian chemical process industries, the Chemical Industries Council of Malaysia is now the official organisation representing the different sub-sector carboxyl groups (ranging from oleochemicals, paints, agrochemicals, hydrocarbons, agriculture contaminants, xylenes, containing resins, and biodiesel sectors).

Since its inception, we’ve continued to grow and distribute chemicals for a variety of industries in Malaysia, including coatings, construction materials, rubber, and plastics.

We have a lengthy policy of providing quality goods and services for our clients as a chemical methods operations firm operating in Terengganu.

Our personnel are taught to maintain the highest levels of professionalism and industry standards. We are able to supply our items in a timely and premium manner thanks to our well equipped warehouse.

We offer a wide range of surfactant and performance goods to meet a variety of housekeeping purposes, as well as other items such as silicate wood, cypress petroleum products, and specialised fluid.

We sell a broad spectrum of corrosion inhibitors, buffering agents, emulsifiers, and other water-based chemicals to local formulators.

Hands – a variety of productivity chemicals and polymers are available.

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