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Tips For First Timers!

Adult toys or sex toys such as dildos, vibrators, penis rings and pumps are very common these days. It can be used individually or with your partner. Other than giving you self-pleasure, it can also be used to treat anyone with medical conditions.

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The main reason you should take good care of your sex toys is because you are going to insert it into your vagina, anus or use it externally on your penis. You don’t want to get a serious disease after having great pleasure, right? There are actually so many ways to take care of it.

1.       Know the material

Do read articles on tips to buy good sex toys on blogs and websites. They usually rank it from the best material to the worst material that you can get. Few good materials for your sex toys are the famous silicone type, metal and glass. These are the common types and it is recommended by many because it is easier to clean and wash these type of sex toys. Materials such as PVC and latex are not recommended because it can be very toxic to your body as it can cause burns, rashes and breakouts to those who are allergic to it.

2.       Find the right intensity

Before purchasing the product, make sure to know the intensity that you prefer. Learn your body to know your sensitivity and know which part that you would want to stimulate. As for dildo, they usually sell it in various sizes and shapes and for vibrators, they also offer different vibration intensity with various price ranges. If you want to purchase it online, make sure to read the details and reviews to know if that suits you or not.

3.       Buy from trusted shops

Sometimes even if the material is silicone or metal, get sex toys Malaysia or commonly known in Malay as kedai alatan seks terbaik because they will have the best sex toys quality for you. It does not necessarily need to be expensive but you have to know the right price range so you will not pay extra money on low quality products.

4.       Consider using condoms

This is also a good precaution that everyone should know. Using condoms will reduce the infection risk especially when you share your toys with your partner. You may have cleaned your toys diligently, there is still a chance of infection. Remember, precaution is always better than cure!

5.       Wash and dry regularly

This is considered as the most crucial part of using sex toys. Why? It is because there might be bacteria from the toys that will get into your urethra and will cause urinary infection. It is possible for toys to spread sexual transmitted infection (STI) just like how unprotected sex does. It is suggested to wash your toy with warm water and let it dry before proceeding with storage.

Using sex toys is also good for you mental and emotional health but make sure to get the right one and change it if you have been using it for quite some times.

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