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Ways to Use Dildos for the Maximum Pleasure

Why use a Dildo? 

There may be times that sexual intercourse with a partner can be extremely satisfying and times when it is not. However, there may just be women who enjoy masturbating using sex toys together with their partners or on their own. Most of the time, for women to achieve the best orgasms, people would suggest using a vibrator. On the other hand, there may be some others who suggest View Secret Cherry dildo Malaysia and using dildos during the masturbating sessions. The main reason why women should use dildos is that they are mostly shaped as penises that are used for sexual stimulation. Second, there may be times when the usage of a dildo can help in better orgasms as it may be bigger than your partner’s penis, which may not be able to hit your g-spot as a dildo can. 

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How to Use Dildo for Maximum Pleasure?

First and foremost, if you have decided to use a dildo during your masturbating session, make sure to choose the type of dildo you are comfortable with. Dildos nowadays come in many sizes, and shapes and are made of different materials. Some dildos have different characteristics added that can be used to stimulate different parts of the vagina when in usage. If you want to experience extra stimulations, opt for a silicone vibrating dildo. This way, it will work as both a dildo and vibrator. Using a vibrating dildo can also be beneficial in not requiring you to use your hands to do the motions of the dildo into your vagina as the vibrator takes over the role. This way, while masturbating, you could use other different sex toys on your body with your hands, such as nipple clamps or nipple stimulators. 

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Second, you could use your dildo in your vagina or anus while in different positions. There may be times when double penetration; in the vagina and anus, amplifies the feeling of the orgasms. For example, you could try out with penetration to the vagina once while lying on your back and once while lying on your stomach, with a pillow supporting your hips. Trying out while lying on your side could also be possible. This way, you will be able to find the position you are most comfortable with that can give you the best orgasm. As for double penetration, you could try using a butt plug for your anal penetration while masturbating, and while having sexual intercourse with a partner. Anal penetration is recommended as the anal is full of sensitive nerves. Therefore, there is a high chance of boosting the ejaculation as the muscle wall of the anus creates friction and a feeling of fullness in both the vagina and anus. For information, click here

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